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Ms. Kurlander's interest of CBD was piqued when reports came in from her community that Cannabidiol (CBD) use was assisting families with autism, anxieties, pain and seizure disorders.  To increase her knoweldge of the use of this herb, Eileen went to work for an 8-year old Industrial Hemp Company.

While working with clients, Eileen found CBD was able to help in reregulation of the body-being offering a wide variety of health and wellness effects.  As well, she learned cannabis is very well studied and  for over 40 years, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) are funding cannabis studies through Israeli Scientist Raphael Mechoulam. Cannabis is believed to be mentioned in 5 biblical scriptures, mostly when refering to important essential oils valuable for health and wellness. 

The Cannabis Sativa Industrial Hemp plants and extracts containing less than the .3 THC content are federally lawful and provide health and wellness benefits without the psychoactive effects of say other CBD containing plants like its cousin marijuana.  

Ms. Kurlander spent a year and half, 8 hours a day,  speaking with consumers and assisting them to identify their ideal extractions and product combinations.

Eileen also worked with and trained entrepreneurs on how to start their own CBD business,  add CBD products to their existing businesses as well as formulate their own products. 

 Eileen also trained storefront staff on over 100 products and how best to market and sell them so people knew which extracts and combinations were ideal for them.

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CBD Coaching​​ with Eileen~ ​

Are you ready for the benefits of CBD? 
You can trust Eileen's 25+ years of wellness experience to advise you on how you can best use CBD .
Trust Industry Insider Eileen

  1.  Looking for relief, calm, sleep, illness prevention, or are you in need of a major  health and wellness turnaround?
  2.  Eileen knows what to look for in a proper testing lab, how to decipher what's revealed and what may be hidden in the Certificates of Analysis (COA).  
  3. Eileen reviews grower information, looking for test results ensuring your CBD is  safe for consumption for healthful versus having unhealthy secondary effects. 
  4.  Eileen matches you with the ideal types and combinations of CBD, including amounts, combinations and use times suited for YOU!

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Industrial Hemp=a Healthy Planet and Healthy People
  • Hemp cleans up pollutants in the soil and returns 60-70 percent of the nutrients back into Earth.
  • Millions of hemp hectares can assist in the capturing of gigatons of CO2 from our atmosphere.
  • Hemp CBD supports all mammal's endocannabinoid systems (ECS), supplementing a rebalancing of the whole. 
Growing and consuming hemp makes a difference in all our lives!​

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