CBD Business Consulting &
Wellness Coaching
Eileen Joy Kurlander​​,  SHC

Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol  (CBD) 
Supply and Support. ​​
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  1. CBD Business Consult
    Looking to enter the CBD space, expand your offering, or explore directions?
  2. CBD Wellness Coach
    Want relief, sleep, rejuvenation, prevention? Coaching plus safest CBD products.
  1. Industrial Hemp Supply
    Select from a wide range of bulk CBD oils for formulations and repackaging.


 Need assistance finding CBD?

         -Top quality grows and fully tested products. Period.
         -Receive all safety reports from 3rd party labs.
         -Only  Accredited Labs with Certified Technicians.
         -New terpene and cannabinoid rich CBD extraction methods. 

Eileen can align you with the best selections of bulk oils.

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​​ How can I assist you and your CBD business?

​          -New to the CBD Space and want to know where you can fit in?
          -Are you stuck or unsure of what to do next?
          -Aligned with top quality processors and accredited testing labs?
          -Need large development money?
          -Have questions and want to talk to someone you can trust?

Put Eileen's 15+ years of business and 1.5 years full time CBD business consulting to work for you.

               Call 858-945-7532  or click to schedule a consultation.
Industrial Hemp Supply
 Business Consulting 

​ How can Eileen assist you and your family with CBD?

          -Do you know which oils to use, how much and when?
          -CBD free from heavy metals, solvents, mold & contaminants.
          -Expect rich terpene and cannabinoid profile CBD products.
          -Looking for relief or calm, or need a turnaround?
          -Want organic grown? 

Trust your experienced 15+ years natural health and wellness coach, plus 1.5 years full-time CBD product coach.

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Wellness Coaching

Please invite all of your decision makers to be present.​
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Introductory Call
Industrial Hemp Creates a Healthy Planet and Healthy People

      -Hemp cleans up pollutants in the soil and returns 60-70 percent of the            nutrients back into the Earth.
      -Millions of hemp hectares can assist in the capture of gigatons of CO2.​​

Growing hemp supports rebalancing of the earth,
and when consumed by mammals, rebalances us all. ​​

​​Eileen Joy Kurlander
CBD Business Consultant
CBD Wellness Coach